DOB: 4/27/19
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs for the Blind

Fun Facts:

Ayaka is a squishy little girl that LOVES attention & affection.

Ayaka’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Ayaka’s Updates

Team Ayaka
walking on sunshine .....
nap nap nap.....
this girl is learning fast ....
sharing snuggles....
puppy snuggling is a must....
Happy Holidays love, Ayaka
look at me helping....
looking good....

Training Status Update: 10/13/21

Congratulations……..Team Ayaka have met the graduation requirements….. join us Saturday 11/6… more info to come




Training Status Update: 5/21/21

Congratulations…….. Ayaka has been matched with a client and will start the process to meet graduation requirements. Go Team Ayaka






Training Status Update: 4/18/21

Ayaka is enjoying a walk in the sun with her buddy Bombay.







Training Status Update: 4/14/21

Yahoo…. Ayaka passed her bringsel test with flying colors…. she will now start pairing the bringsel with her scent work










Training Status Update: 4/11/21

Ayaka helped choose a new dog bed for her housemate. I set out 3 beds and this is the one she bee-lined for. She liked it so much that she wouldn’t get off of it when I went to pick it up.





Training Status Update: 3/17/21

After all her training sessions, she enjoys a nap on a comfy dog bed (she was snoring away when I took this!)










Training Status Update: 3/17/21

Ayaka continues to be a rockstar with scent training while working towards taking her bringsel test.







Training Status Update: 2/16/21


Scent training – She will be introduced to her first decoy next week.

Dumbbell – Working on consistently holding the dumbbell for an extended period of time. Once she is consistent, she will be transitioned to the bringsel (probably mid next week)



Training Status Update: 1/6/21

Along with learning new things, Ayaka had a puppy sit with another CTP family….. looking at the pics…. it was love love love



Training Status Update: 1/5/21

Ayaka is imprinting on the diabetic scent and currently working on holding the dumbbell
















Training Status Update: 12/23/20

Ayaka is ready for Christmas….










Training Status Update: 12/15/20

Even while she is learning new things, she always has a helping paw…..

Ayaka insisted on helping Bob while he was fixing the garbage disposal.  She brought her “baby” bunny for moral support.







Training Status Update: 12/10/20

Ayaka has started her scent training…. YAHOO

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Training Status Update: 11/22/20

Ayaka start on her dumbbell training this week. She will have another week of training on it prior to introducing her to scent work.


Training Status Update: 11/17/20

Welcome Ayaka to our family…. so excited to watch you learn & grow.

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