Captain America

DOB: 1/21/21
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs of America
Training Phase: A
Scent Training Phase: 0
Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Captain America is not only the first puppy donated to us from Guide Dogs of America, but our first puppy to start their training in our program this early. We can't thank GDA enough for this wonderful 'life changing" puppy to our NICST program and look forward to a long and supportive relationship between these two amazing organizations.

Captain America’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Captain America’s Updates

Car rides are always a great opportunity to learn.... and of course be SAFE
Mark picked up Captain in first class style....

Training Status Update: 3/30/21

Check back often for updates on how Captain America is coming along and growing up….. also “very” cute pics…..






Training Status Update: 3/30/21

Captain America makes us all smile (even if you can’t see it under the masks) Thank you JSX for your support and graciousness.



Training Status Update: 3/30/21

Welcome Captain America to the family….








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