DOB: 5/15/2018
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs for the Blind

Fun Facts:

Dawn is a super cute yellow lab, who is so sweet and ready to learn.

Dawn’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Dawn’s Updates

bff's & bff's ....
just cooling off with my friend Parque
can't take my eyes off of you.....
the smiles say it all.....
a beautiful day for a walk....
Christmas tree time....
great job Dawn!!!!
It takes a team of amazing volunteers to get here... thank you Carol & Bob
Go Team Dawn & Kylie
Congratulations Dawn...
love to snuggle, love to learn.
Nose to nose, love to love.
Go Dawn go.... such a good girl!
Par 4?
look at me, tucked away like a good girl!
Such a good girl, this kind of self control is hard for ANY dog and Dawn is still so young..... AWESOME JOB ...
Hiking is always more fun with friends.....
take a break with me... please!!
Such concentration and focus!

Training  Status Update10/13/21

Congratulations, Team Dawn have met the graduation requirements…. join us Saturday 11/6…. more info to come


Training  Status Update 9/7/21

Is there anything better than this face telling you to check your BS?…. we don’t think so….check out the video







Training  Status Update 9/7/21

Dawn & Kiley never stop learning new games and having fun!… check out the video







Training  Status Update 8/5/21

Client/Dog Teams, Kiley & Dawn and Natalia & Olivia recently spent a week with our friends at Diabetes Youth Families’ Bearskin Meadow Camp! Looks like they had a blast!





Training  Status Update 6/22/21

Dawn recently went to the pool with her friend Parque and went for a swim.






Training  Status Update 6/10/21

Dawn in the Sierras!  Cabin “camping” in Mi Wuk Village. Dawn saw deer and wild turkey and was very well behaving. She steadily alerted Kiley despite the scenery change.




Training  Status Update 3/30/21

Dawn had her first day of in person school this week. She didn’t get a chance to alert at school because Kiley didn’t have any lows!  Lol. But she got a chance on the second day!  She alerted during PE to Kiley’s low!




Training  Status Update 1/7/21

Drum roll please…….Team Dawn (Kiley & Dawn) have met the graduation alerting requirements…. stay tuned for graduation date and info….. YAHOO



Training  Status Update 1/5/21

Natalia and Kiley met in class and have created a friendship and went hiking together. D4D creates not only human/dog bonds but friendships that last a lifetime….

Check out the pictures..



Training  Status Update 12/30/2020

Working hard to met graduation requirements BUT always having fun.

Check out the pictures..



Training  Status Update 11/30/2020

As the holidays are upon us it is only fitting that we go get a Christmas tree with Team Dawn….. Kiley & Dawn on an adventure

Check out the pictures..




Training  Status Update 11/9/2020

There is no better feeling for all of us here at D4D than to receive a message like this from newly partnered Dawn & Kiley…. our hearts are smiling!

Check out the pictures..





Training  Status Update 11/3/2020

We have placed a NEW #Dogs4Diabetics Client/Dog Team! Help us welcome #D4D Team, Kiley and Dawn! 🐶

A HUGE thank you to all who had a hand in helping make this powerful partnership possible… especially D4D’s Canine Training Partners, Carol and Bob Gaiser, our wonderful #volunteers, our community partner Guide Dogs for the Blind, and all our puppy raising friends at #GDB!

Training  Status Update 9/24/2020

Dawn, has finished her scent training – congratulations, sweet girl! We know you will make an excellent life-saver, and we are so excited for the next step in your journey!






Training  Status Update 7/27/2020

Dawn is hard at work on her bringsel training. She just has to hold it for a little longer and then she will be ready to take the test.


Training  Status Update 7/7/2020

Dawn has moved up to 2 decoys in scent training…you go girl!


“Fun” Status Update 6/17/2020

Our wonderful CTP’s provide training, socialization skills and LOVE LOVE LOVE


Training Status Update 6/16/2020

Dawn demonstrating her bucket skills in action…. check her out in motion.


Training Status Update 6/16/2020

Dawn demonstrating her skilled bucket training skills with a perfect picture.


Training Status Update 6/3/2020

Dawn is learning the “visit” cue, which is very important to our clients not only in times of medical needs, but emotional needs as well.


“Fun” Status Update 6/2/2020

Yes golfing and riding in the cart is fun, but also excellent self control training!


Training Status Update 6/2/2020

In this photo dawn’s CTP is teaching her the “under” command so she is tucked discreetly away when out in public.


“Fun” Status Update 4/17/2020

WOW…. talk about self control…. Dawn encountered a little friend on her walk but that’s no problem for her……. she is a rock star!

Training Status Update 3/23/2020

Due to COVID-19 formal training at the training center as been suspended. We are asking our  Canine Training Partners to work on specific exercises to keep the dogs learning and growing their skills. D4D trainers create custom training plans that are divided into the skills that need to be developed, as well as the percentage of training time that will be spent daily on each skill.  The dogs are also learning special skills  taught by their Canine Training Partner that they will use in their future life as a service dog.  Canine Training Partners  have weekly video training session with their CTP leader if they are having any trouble.  Dogs4Diabetics is committed to doing all we can to keep our programs moving forward.

“Fun”  Status Update 3/9/2020

Once a month the dogs in training get to spend the weekend with the clients who are waiting for dog placement.  Dawn’s weekend included FUN FUN FUN!

“Fun”  Status Update 3/7/2020

Dawn and her CTP family recently moved, so Dawn needed to help unpack the boxes with a little snuggle break…. awwwww

Training Status Update 2/10/2020

Dawn is rocking the scent training. She focuses and keeps her nose on the scent even when the trainers are trying to distract her. Way to go little girl!

Training Status Update 1/21/2020

Dawn has entered formal training. She is learning how to hold a dumbbell and has begun beginning scent training.

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