DOB: 10/10/18
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs for the Blind
Training Phase: C
Scent Training Phase: 4
Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Gracie is always moving! There's no part of her body that stops moving at any given time. She's always fun to work with and as a plus, she smiles.

Gracie’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Gracie’s Updates

Birthday girl....
say cheese
this is fun....
this scent work is fun......

Training Status Update: 11/19/22

Congratulations Team Gracie…….






Training Status Update: 10/17/22

Congratulations Team Gracie, they have met graduation requirments, join us Saturday 11/12.





Training Status Update: 3/5/22

 Congratulations Colin and Gracie!

A lot of people played a role in making this partnership possible… A very special thank you to our Canine Training Partners, Ruby and Beck, our wonderful volunteers, our community partner, Guide Dogs for the Blind and their dedicated puppy raisers. We would also like to thank The Palmer Foundation for sponsoring Team Colin and Gracie







Training Status Update: 2/19/22

Hang in there….. some amazing news to come!




Training Status Update: 12/4/21

Gracie is waiting patiently for placement as a life saver…. go Gracie go




Training Status Update: 10/10/21

Happy Birthday Gracie





Training Status Update: 9/20/21

Gracie is entering into pair testing. This is where we test the dogs on their ability to pick up their bringsel with the scent without any prompting from the trainer



Training Status Update: 9/9/21

Gracie is working on matching the scent with bringsel pick up…. check out her 1st video







Training Status Update: 9/1/21

Gracie passed her bringsel test and is now practicing pairing the bringsel with scent…. YAHOO







Training Status Update: 8/16/21

Gracie is inching closer to taking her bringsel test. She just started working in her service jacket and headcollar and is inconsistently holding up to 10sec.

Gracie is also begun work on extra skills training beginning with fetching and retrieving low supplies for a T1D in need





Training Status Update: 7/26/21

Gracie is responding to grab cue and building duration hold on Bringsel….. check out this video







Training Status Update: 6/23/21

Check out this video, learning new things here at NICST is always fun. I love the trainers!




Training Status Update: 6/23/21

Woo-hoo! Gracie has transitioned from working with a dumbbell to working on the bringsel. Once she is holding the bringsel from hand, we will work on having her pick up the bringsel from her collar





Training Status Update: 6/8/21

Scent Training –  She is happily finding the target odor and will be introduced to her first decoy this week.

Dumbbell Training – She has begun to understand that we want her to hold the dumbbell, now we’re just building duration.


Training Status Update: 4/11/21

Welcome Gracie







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