DOB: 7/29/18
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs for the Blind

Fun Facts:

Mink has beautiful golden eyes that just draw you in. She is a sweet, serious and playful bundle of joy.

Mink’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Mink’s Updates

It takes a village.....
Team Mink & Erin....
keep looking into my eyes.......
look deep into my eyes...
belly rubs are a must...
hiking is always an adventure....
learning new things all the while looking VERY cool....go Mink
Meet Mink...

Training Status Update: 10/13/21

Congratulations… Team Mink have met graduation requirements, join us Saturday 11/6… more info to come



Training Status Update: 6/10/21

Many people had a hand in Mink’s success in our program. We would like to acknowledge in particular Ruby, Sandy, Mike and Norma.  We would also like to give a special shout out to Mink’s puppy raiser Evan.





Training Status Update: 6/10/21

Congratulations …. Mink has been matched with Erin and we are so excited to watch this team grow and work to meet graduation requirements. Mink is Erin’s second dog from NICST.






Training Status Update: 6/7/21

Yahoo! Mink has completed formal training and is celebrating after her final testing run.






Training Status Update: 4/14/21

Mink has passed her bringsel test!!! She will now start pairing her scent work with picking up her bringsel…..







Training Status Update: 3/17/21

Mink is the silent guardian with an intense stare whenever she picks up her bringsel. She’s getting closer to completing her bringsel test so she can begin pairing the alert with the low diabetic scent





Training Status Update: 2/15/21


Scent Training – She was just introduced to her first decoy

Bringsel – working on consistently picking up the bringsel on cue and gradually increasing the duration







Training Status Update: 1/19/21

Everyone needs to take time & get a belly rub…..









Training Status Update: 1/10/21

Mink is so happy when she is working with the bringsel!








Training Status Update: 1/5/21

Mink likes to work hard…. and “hike” hard…..





Training Status Update: 1/5/21

Mink will be transitioning to the bringsel this week and is imprinting on the diabetic scent.







Training Status Update: 12/9/20

Welcome to the family Mink!


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