DOB: 12/16/2018
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs for the Blind
Training Phase: B

Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Olivia is a toy loving, fun loving, spunky & active girl that enjoys working on new behaviors and playing.

Olivia’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Olivia’s Updates

bff's & bff's ....
beach day.....
Go Team Olivia
great job Olivia
go Olivia go....
Learning in the training center is one thing, but being out with all these spooky things is also hard work.......
Fun fun fun.... for all.
Feeling the love....literally
Is this what you wanted Hayley?
Look at you go girl.....
Hello girl....

Training Status Update: 1/16/22

Olivia has been placed with a client. She alerts on his seizures and helps ground him when he has an episode.  Jason and Olivia are our second team in our Love On Leashes program.





Training Status Update: 12/19/21

Olivia is working on skills that will assist her when she is working with First Responders. She is currently learning pressure therapy “visit” behavior, and to interrupt physical triggers to an oncoming anxiety attack.




Training Status Update: 12/16/21

Happy Birthday Olivia


Training Status Update: 12/5/21

Olivia’s working with her foster on tasks for the First Response K9 program. Sometimes our dogs don’t fit into a certain job but they have so many great qualitites, like Olivia. She had been placed with a client but she told us what her new job should be.






Training Status Update: 8/5/21

Client/Dog Teams, Kiley & Dawn and Natalia & Olivia recently spent a week with our friends at Diabetes Youth Families’ Bearskin Meadow Camp! Looks like they had a blast!






Training Status Update: 7/19/21

Team Olivia are loving life and enjoying an A’s game…..





Training Status Update: 6/15/21

Olivia & Natalie are having fun in the sun and working hard to meet graduation requirements






Training Status Update: 5/25/21

Congratulations Team Olivia….. she has been placed with Natalie and we are so excited to watch this bond grow. Over the next few months they will work towards meeting all the graduation requirements.









Training Status Update: 5/7/21

Olivia’s last bucket test run! She is now finished with training and waiting for placement!





Training Status Update: 4/1/21

Congrats to Oliva….. she has passed her bringsel test…… what a rock star!




Training Status Update: 3/17/21

Olivia’s tail never stops moving when she’s got a job to do!




Training Status Update: 2/16/21


Scent training – She’s moving quickly through her imprinting sessions on the hot scent. Currently working on extending duration at the buckets

Bringsel – Just transitioned to her bringsel last week.




Training Status Update: 1/5/21

Olivia is working on maintaining all the tasks she has learned, and is now working on when to offer certain trained tasks on her own when needed.




Training Status Update: 11/3/20

Olivia is working on free flow engagement and it sure looks like she is having fun.




Training Status Update: 10/21/20

Olivia is learning to fetch an item. Right now we are using a kit as it is the easiest item for the dog to learn to retrieve. Once she is comfortable retrieving the kit, we will have her begin retrieving medication bottles, leash/jacket, items dropped, etc.



Training Status Update: 10/19/20

Olivia is working on deep pressure therapy “visit”. The visit can be cued whether the person is on the floor or sitting in a chair or couch. She is just learning to apply heavy pressure and to offer more duration between rewards.



Training Status Update: 10/14/20

Olivia is currently being shaped for deep pressure therapy, fetching supplies/medications, and providing a social barrier for her handler.

Training  Status Update: 9/28/20

Olivia, has begun her life-saving training! She is enthusiastically learning tasks associated with our Wellness Program like grabbing, holding, and retrieving a dumbbell. Keep up the great work, sweet girl!









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