DOB: 3/31/2018
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: CCI

Fun Facts:

This pretty girl has already been deemed "Dainty Paws". She has a little spring in her step when she dances around with a toy in her mouth.

Parque’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Parque’s Updates

Thank you Eastern Star!
Living the life in Vegas....
best way to cool off.... with a friend
beat the heat....
Jared & Parque
Go Team Parque...
Happy Birthday cutie....
you got this .....
congrats girl.... A+
awwww... chew fest
Who can't resist this face....
decoy bucket training is fun....
good girl....
This is FUN.... love learning new things!
Is it this bucket?
I love this game....
You got it girl.....
Welcome Parque

Training Update 10/13/21

Congratulations Team Parque have met graduation requirements, join us Saturday 11/6… more info to come



Training Update 10/4/21

Team Parque had a wonderful summer…. check out the pics..



Training Update 7/20/21

We are honored to have wonderful sponsers and Eastern Star is sponsoring Team Parque and they had a successful fundraising event for them on Friday.

Thank you



Training Update 7/15/21

This is how we do it in Fresno!

She’s a natural! Haven’t tried going outside yet- just getting used to them around the house. I bought the socks and I think they help to keep the shoe on and keep them a little more comfortable too.



Training Update 7/6/21

Team Parque enjoyed a great getaway for the 4th of July








Training Update 6/22/21

Parque took Dawn (yellow Lab) to the pool and taught her how to swim.







Training Update 6/5/21

It’s hot out here…. so Team Parque escaped the heat & headed to the beach.






Training Update 6/3/21

Congratulations to our new D4D team….. Team Parque and Jared are ready to take on the world. We look forward to watching this team bond and work towards graduation requirements. Thank you to the entire NICST team, from the trainers to the CTP’s who care for these dogs while they are training.









Training Update 3/31/21

Happy Birthday …….. 3 looks good on you!






Training Update 2/16/21


Scent training – She is nearing final testing. She is currently in what we call pair testing, where she has paired her bringsel aert with the scent and has been picking up her bringsel without needing to be prompted. In pair testing, we are testing over so many sessions if she will continue to pick up the bringsel independently. In this phase, we also prepare them for the final testing.





Training Update 1/28/21

Parque passed her bringsel test….. you go girl!!






Training Update 1/25/21

Sometimes the best part of the training day is when the dogs get to decompress and socialize with each other. I love watching them just flop down on dog beds together and have a chew fest…… Hayley (trainer)







Training Update 1/14/21

Parque has a question for you? How can you NOT check your BS when you see this goofy, loveable, bringsel loving face!!!








Training Update 1/13/21

Parque is discriminating between the hot and the decoy. This was her final run with a singular decoy prior to adding a second decoy to the bucket training.





Training Update 1/5/21

Parque has started decoy training and will soon test on her bringsel skills….






Training Update 12/9/2020

Parque is working hard in her training…. check out what she is doing on the links above about our training phases.






Training Status Update 9/30/2020

Parque is on the move again, this time she is starting her “scent” training. D4D also refers to this as bucket training….. she is working hard to learn a certain scent means something.





Training Status Update 9/29/2020

No matter what our dogs are learning, they are ALWAYS having fun. Parque thinks picking up the dumbbell and returning it to the trainer is the BEST….



Training Status Update 9/28/2020

Parque is learning already. We teach our dogs to “bringsel” which is an alert to a low blood sugar. We start with “dumbbell” training, this teaches the dog to hold something in their mouth.




Training Status Update 9/28/2020

Welcome Parque, we are so excited to have you in the family and can’t wait to watch you learn and HAVE FUN.

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