Breed: Labrador/Golden Cross
Career-Changed from: CCI
Training Phase: A
Scent Training Phase: 0
Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Raisin is a super smart, lovable and sweet girl. She loves training, especially if it means she can be with her person.

Raisin’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Raisin’s Updates

Training Status Update: 11/19/22

Congratulations Team Raisin…..







Training Status Update: 10/17/22

Congratulations Team Raisin has met the graduation requirments, join us Saturday 11/12…. more info to come.






Training Status Update: 9/8/22

Raisin & Sara recently took a trip to Virginia….




Training Status Update: 8/8/22

Congratulations Team Raisin

Raisin was placed with Sara.  Raisin was donated to NICST by Canine Companions, and fostered by Richard and Jennifer Tong





Training Status Update: 8/3/22

Raising has completed her training and is ready to be placed!








Training Status Update: 7/7/22

Raisin has entered into her final testing phase. She must reach an accuracy of 90% at the end of her testing phase in order to complete the scent work portion of her training. (check out the video)





Training Status Update: 7/1/22

Raisin is quickly approaching final testing. We have added the phrase “Let’s Check”, which tells the dog we acknowledge their alert, but we have to check that they’re correct first. We utilize this phrase both in the training room, as well as when the dogs find the scent on a person. When the dog is advanced enough, we will pause and pantomine checking our blood glucose level before rewarding the dog.





Training Status Update: 5/29/22

Raisin is working on scent discrimination between one decoy (non-diabetic odor) and the target odor. She must show she can pass the decoy on her own before we can add ore decoys to her lineup. check out the video






Training Status Update: 5/9/22

Raisin is working on nose placement and duration at the scent jar. Working on this piece of their training helps them understand that they need to be persistent with their alerts.






Training Status Update: 4/21/22

Along with her scent bucket training, Raisin is learning to find the target odor on a person. She will start by being introduced to the B-Toy with the target odor in it, and eventually will be able to identify the target odor on a person in a variety of situations.



Training Status Update: 3/21/22

Raisin has been introduced to the target odor






Training Status Update: 12/19/21

Raisin got to hang out with her friends Luigi and Harmony at the NICST holiday open house!





Training Status Update: 12/5/21

Welcome Raisin

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