DOB: 6/4/22
Breed: Golden Retriever
Career-Changed from: Private
Training Phase: A
Scent Training Phase: 0
Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Shelby is a sweet little golden retriever who loves to be out adventuring with her handler.

Shelby’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Shelby’s Updates

Training Status Update: 9/17/23

Congrats… Team Shelby have met the graduation requierments…. stay tuned for more info to come.



Training Status Update: 6/11/23

Team Shelby is currently working towards meeting her graduation requirements



Training Status Update: 4/10/23

Shelby completed her training as a D4D dog and was officially placed with Sarah. Shelby was raised by Sarah during her training.



Training Status Update: 2/24/23

Shelby is on four decoys and is working her way to pre-testing



Training Status Update: 2/4/23

Shelby has been introduced to the target odor.




Training Status Update: 10/22/22

Welcome Shelby




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