DOB: 8/8/2018
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs for the Blind
Training Phase: C
Scent Training Phase: 7
Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Suzette is a wonderful, fun loving dog who loves to work and play.

Suzette’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Suzette’s Updates

time to check!!!
look into my eyes.....
It's a beautiful day for a walk.....
Team Smile....
When Suzette grabs her bringsel like this, you check your blood sugar.... good girl!
Can we play?
Double the fun.... yes they are twins.....
Congratulations Team Suzette!
Beautiful birthday girl.....
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Suzette..... Happy Birthday to YOU
the look of love.....
stop and smell the Jasmine....
in the know.... with Tic Tac Toe/PAW......
Fun fun fun... tip the bottle and a treat falls out.... YAHOO
beautiful picture of a beautiful dog... Suzette
Puzzle games are the best..... use my mind and my nose 🙂
I love staying busy.....
excuse me..... hello.... I'm down here taking care of business....:)
You got this girly.... ready, set, GO
like a work of art.... pretty girl!
great day was had by all....
you got it girl....
Super Bowl FUN DAY...
lunch is always better with friends....

Training Status Update 1/16/22

Suzette is working on finalizing her pressure therapy response, learning when to offer the behavior. She is also working on offering to cuddle, by laying down with her head on her handler’s shoulder so they can hug her.




Training Status Update 12/5/21

Suzette is learning skills that will help her when working with First Responders. She is currently working on pressure therapy “visit” behavior

Sometimes our dogs choose a differnt path, Suzette is headed into our First Responders Program.


Training Status Update 9/1/21

Suzette is loving life and alerting like a champ








Training Status Update 4/12/21

Suzette & Abbie are loving life out in nature. Stay tuned for a graduation soon….



Training Status Update 12/30/2020

Still having fun exploring the world, staying safe and working towards graduation.






Training Status Update 11/21/2020

Suzette & Abigail are having so much fun exploring the world together and continue to work towards their graduation requirements.






Training Status Update 10/30/2020

Team Suzette is working hard to meet their graduation requirements…. but the fun never stops.









Training Status Update 9/22/2020

We have placed a #Dogs4Diabetics Client/Dog Team, Abigail and Suzette! Please help us congratulate this new team. The whole #NICST team wishes you two the best of luck as you work to reach graduation requirements.

We want to thank Canine Training Partner, Kami Smith for fostering Suzette, as well as Guide Dogs for the Blind, her puppy raisers, and all our supporters who make it possible to create these powerful partnerships!




“Fun” Status Update 8/13/2020

Suzette celebrated her 2nd birthday with plenty of party time & treats.




Training Status Update 7/27/2020

Suzette – she’s beginning to pair her bringsel alert with finding scent on a person.

check out her video

Training Status Update 7/7/2020

woof woof….. Suzette has passed her bringsel testing and will start pairing scent & bringsel today!

Training Status Update 6/16/2020

Suzette is excelling at her bringsel skills. This is when they alert on a scent and then pick up the bringsel to notify their person….. love love love at it’s finest.

Training Status Update 6/8/2020

Suzette is working on the Jingle cue. This is a behavior where she will ring a bell to let her handler know she needs to go outside to relieve.

“Fun” Status Update 6/8/2020

With all the chaos in the world right now, it’s very important to stop and smell the jasmine and watch a sunset…

“Fun”Status Update 5/3/2020

Now more than ever it is important to keep out dogs in training stimulated and challenged. Suzette and her CTP are really thinking outside the box and have some great training/fun games… check these two out.

“Fun”Status Update 4/29/2020

A beautiful portrait of D4D dog-in-training,

Suzette(AKA: Suzy Q)

Drawing by @Artby.emilie (IG handle)

“Fun”Status Update 4/20/2020

Our CTP’s are the best, even during these troubled times, they are training, playing and keeping our dogs stimulated and happy.


Training Status Update 4/17/2020

Although our dogs are not coming into the training center everyday, thanks to our wonderful CTP’s they are still learning and having fun.

Training Status Update 3/25/2020

The day in the life of a D4D Service Dog in-training while sheltering in place. Wakes-up, does her business, eats (must wait for the ok command), gets her teeth brushed and face washed, plays some ball, takes a nap, goes outside to do her business again, smells the smells, practices obedience, , goes to visit Dad at work and plays ball some more, gives kisses to Lindsey, takes ridiculous selfies with mom, naps, helps mom with laundry, plays hide-n-seek with Lindsey, does her business again, more obedience, watches over her royal subjects from the balcony, eats dinner, naps, plays with food puzzles, naps, does her business one last time and then goes to bed. There’s not much down time for this sweet girl

Training Status Update 3/23/2020

Due to COVID-19 formal training at the training center as been suspended. We are asking our  Canine Training Partners to work on specific exercises to keep the dogs learning and growing their skills. D4D trainers create custom training plans that are divided into the skills that need to be developed, as well as the percentage of training time that will be spent daily on each skill.  The dogs are also learning special skills  taught by their Canine Training Partner that they will use in their future life as a service dog.  Canine Training Partners  have weekly video training session with their CTP leader if they are having any trouble.  Dogs4Diabetics is committed to doing all we can to keep our programs moving forward.

“Fun”Status Update 3/9/2020

Suzette had a great weekend out & about…. check out her new Snoopy bringsel!

Training Status Update 3/4/2020

Suzette has been working hard and now she is ready for her bringsel testing…. go Suzette go!

“Fun” Status Update 2/26/2020

Central Garden and Pet is a large supporter of D4D and have this great portrait of Armstrong in their office. Suzette made a special visit for this photo op!

“Fun” Status Update 2/18/2020

Suzette had a special visitor, her GDB puppy raiser recently came to the training center for a tour and observation…. you can too…check it out:

Waggin’ Wednesdays… continue
to be a great opportunity for Guide Dog
Puppy Raisers to learn more about
community placement, and our training
program. Waggin’ Wednesdays is open
to all GDB puppy raisers and GDB staff.
Contact Carrie Treggett to set up your

Training Status Update 2/13/2020

Learning to discriminate between scents…

“Fun” Status Update 2/4/2020

Well…. even though Suzette’s team didn’t win she sure had fun with her friend Dawn cheering them on!

“Fun” Status Update 1/30/2020

Suzette had a busy weekend and finished it off with a double date lunch with Dawn!

Training Status Update 1/28/2020

Suzette has been having a lot of fun playing with food puzzles. We love these here at Dogs4Diabetics because they promote critical thinking skills and its so much fun!

Training Status Update 1/21/2020

Suzette is steadily working on imprinting on the low blood sugar scent. She is also working hard to hold her dumbbell.

Training Status Update 12/30/2019

Suzette has entered formal training. She is learning how to hold a dumbbell and has begun beginning scent training.

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