Life-Saving Partnership From A Diabetic Alert Dog

Photo Above: Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) Diabetic Alert Dog, Malone (right), is pictured with D4D Diabetic Alert Dog, Reva.

Powerful Partnership: Client/Dog Team, Ken & Malone

My name is Ken Jungsten and after 56 years of living with diabetes, two years of not feeling my low blood sugars, and a 13-month wait for a Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) Medical-Alert Service Dog (Diabetic Alert Dog)… I can finally say I have a new life-saving partner, Malone, helping me manage my diabetes.

There’s a saying “sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good” and over two years ago, I got lucky. I was starting to not feel my low blood sugars. A gentleman who worked at the high school district where my wife Laura worked, came into her office with a Service Dog.

My wife asked him what the Service Dog did and he proceeded to tell her about Dogs4Diabetics and how the dog alerts him when he has low blood sugars.

He was kind enough to further explain how his dog helps him and gave Laura contact information for D4D.

We researched D4D and read some beautiful stories of how these dogs help save lives. After having a couple of serious low blood sugars where my wife had to call 911, I decided to start the application process.

Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) Client, Ken, with D4D Diabetic Alert Dog, Malone, after his baseball game.

Luck came into play again when I went in for “frozen shoulder” (diabetic shoulder) and I came out of it with a quadruple bypass.

I was put on a beta-blocker and this medication now prohibits me from feeling any of my low blood sugars.

Shortly after this surgery, I was accepted into the D4D program.

Dogs4Diabetics Family

This acceptance into the D4D family has changed my life, how I control my diabetes with Malone’s help. Furthermore, most importantly the reassurance Malone has given my family – another partner watching over me.

The D4D family is a phenomenal community with tremendous energy, offering fantastic training for both clients and dogs.

They are so positive and have a personal interest in helping diabetics with their diabetes.

Malone has been incredible at catching my low blood sugars in a variety of different scenarios. I play 100 baseball games a year and I also umpire as many games as I play.

I travel to such cities as Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Monterey and Tampa Bay to play in baseball tournaments.

Life With Diabetic Alert Dog, Malone

Malone has been or will be by my side alerting as needed.

Diabetes has a mind all its own and diabetes does what it wants to do. Diabetes is a 24/7 job that is demanding on the body and mind.

Since Malone has been a part of my life, my A1C levels have dropped. I’m more confident that I won’t pass out due to low blood sugar levels.

Also, I now have a lot of friends who have diabetes thanks to the D4D community. Who also support me in my diabetes journey as well.

My sincere thanks to D4D for realizing that Malone was a great match with my lifestyle and activity level.

My Diabetic Alert Dog, Malone, is now the one constant to help me catch my low blood sugars without having to constantly poke my fingers.

Lucky, lucky, me!

– Dogs4Diabetics Client, Ken