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Our volunteers, clients, and donors can now follow the progress of each of our dogs and see your contributions in action! “Keep your nose to the ground” and share the latest news on our life-saving partnerships!

D4D Teams Living Beyond Diabetes

“People are always shocked when they find out that I’m a Type 1 Diabetic. They ask, ‘how can you be lifting weights and racing cars?’ and ‘doesn’t your blood sugar get in the way?’ I don’t let stereotypes get in my way, knowing that Naru is out there looking out for me.”

– Jen and Naru

“Through the course of a year I will play 80-100 baseball games. It’s a reassurance, not only to myself but to my family, that I’ve got someone, Malone, who has my back.”

– Ken and Malone

“I’ve always been an active and adventurous type of person. And I don’t live in fear anymore. It was Izumi and Dogs4Diabetics that helped me smash that barrier down to pieces.”

– Brittany and Izumi

How Can I Help?

  • Sponsor our Best Friends:
    Your generous contribution of $15,000 sponsors this dog through the 4-6 month initial scent training!
  • Sponsor a Client:
    ​Your generous contribution of $15,000 sponsors a diabetic child or adult in our community who is receiving over 100 hours of classroom, field training, and personal coaching from our dedicated trainers!
  • Sponsor a Life-Saving Team:
    Your generous contribution of $30,000 sponsors a diabetic and their best friend for the first year of placement!