Volunteering at NICST

Our volunteers make our programs possible!

Our volunteers make our training program possible! And when you volunteer as a training room assistant, you help NICST prepare our dogs to inspire, transform, and empower lives!

No experience necessary and no minimum hours required.
Minors are welcome with the company of a parent.

Once you’ve submitted your application, please plan on attending one of our fun and interactive Volunteer Orientations & Trainings!

Our Volunteer Orientation & Training includes:

  • A tour of our Nylabone Training Center
  • An overview of our scent work and what training room assistants do to help
  • Fun demos with our trainers
  • A discussion to get all your questions answered
  • Everything you need to know to start in the training room the same week!

Want to help outside the training room?

Want to help with outreach, marketing, or another way to serve NICST? Please contact us, and we will find a place for you in the family!!

Foster. Train a Dog. Save a Life!

Ready to bring the dog love into your home? Become a Canine Training Partner!

Dogs4Diabetics Trainer

Volunteer Spotlight

We just can’t express how much we appreciate our volunteers, but we try! See our volunteers and dogs putting your generous contributions into action.

“I love volunteering in the NICST training room. It’s so amazing to watch the dogs figure out what we want them to do.

Working together, we see the dogs grow as they’re asked to learn and unlearn things. Great people. Great dogs.

– Maura

“It’s so rewarding to be a Canine Training Partner and know that we helped create a life-saving partnership. Through our volunteering, we also honor our brother-in-law, a diabetic who ended his own life out of frustration. While we can’t do anything to bring him back, we volunteer to help other diabetics better manage their disease with one of these very special dogs.”

– Bob and Carol

“I worked as a police officer for 27 years and spent more than 10 years as a police K9 and dog handler. After retiring, I wanted to continue working with dogs for a service organization. So, I chose to volunteer with NICST, and I absolutely love being part of the family. The staff, volunteers, and clients have all become friends, and together we are helping people.”

– Heidi

Volunteer Application

Please fill out and submit this form if you are interested in volunteering with NICST. Or you may download our application and follow the instructions to return the completed application by mail.

After we’ve contacted you about your application, you will also want to download, read, and sign all (3) forms in our Volunteer Package. Bring the forms with you on your first day of volunteering or email them to programs@dogs4diabetics.com. Thank you so much from the NICST community!