Leave a Legacy

Our team will work with you and your financial or legal advisors to meet your philanthropic goals through one of the following charitable options:

  • Fund the Future: When you name the National Institute of Canine Service and Training (NICST) as a beneficiary of your IRA, other retirement plan assets, or life insurance policies, NICST receives the full value of the asset.
  • Estate Planning: We recommend working with an experienced advisor to create a comprehensive estate and gift plan that will benefit your family and beloved causes. See sample bequest language.
  • Our Memorial Garden: At our Nylabone Training Center, we remember our human and canine loves in our Memorial Garden. Community members can visit and dedicate a Memorial Brick in honor of a loved one.
  • In Remembrance: Your tribute gift can honor someone, commemorate a special occasion, and impact the community.

Please contact us or call (925) 246-5785 to discuss your generous contribution to NICST. We will work with you to honor your loved one and your wishes. Contributions can be directed to one of our specific programs or used for greatest needs to serve the NICST community.

“To continue my commitment to serving the diabetic community, I have named D4D as my beneficiary and know that these assets will be used to further the work of the organization I founded. I have the utmost faith in the amazing abilities of dogs and the people of D4D and could not be prouder and more humbled by the legacy I am leaving.”

– Mark Rufenacht

“I became acquainted with D4D after my wife Donna passed away due to complications from T1D, making a $175,000 contribution to honor her life and memory. As I’ve had the joy of becoming part of the family and sponsoring several teams through the years, I have chosen to include D4D in my estate planning to continue the contribution that I began in remembrance of my wife. D4D means so much to me, my family, and future generations.”

– Andrew Conner

“Every time I see another child or adult matched with a D4D dog, I know my investment in D4D has paid dividends of the very best kind: another life preserved and enhanced by a highly skilled canine.

D4D has made a major commitment to wellness. I’m gratified to be part of this effort going forward. By leaving a gift to D4D, I feel that I’m touching the future in a very direct way.”

– Elizabeth Cella

Creating life-saving partnerships together …