DOB: 8/26/22
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs of America
Training Phase: A
Scent Training Phase: 0
Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Vito is the newest addition coming to us from Guide Dogs of America. He is a peanut sized black lab male with a lot of personality in a small body

Vito’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Vito’s Updates

Training Status Update: 2/24/24

We are so excited and happy to announce our newest First Response K9 client team, Pablo and Vito! Pablo is a retired fire chief and Vito came to us as an 8-week old puppy from our partners at Guide Dogs of America – Tender Loving Canines. Vito grew up in our program and so many helped him become the wonderful boy he is!

Pablo was a first responder for 25 years and wants other first responders to know there is help and a community to welcome and support first responders




Training Status Update: 1/28/24

Vito has begun final scent testing. This boy has a strong desire to work and a great nose!

check out the video







Training Status Update: 12/19/23

Vito learned the bucket pattern quickly and is working on building his confidence at the odor.





Training Status Update: 9/25/23

Vito has started his formal training…. go Vito




Training Status Update: 9/16/23

Vito spent several weeks with a client who worked with him and brought him to many events.





Training Status Update: 7/10/23

Vito went on his first big outing with the puppy raising group to San Franciso. He and his raiser learned how to travel on the ferry ride and how to navigate the busy city environment.






Training Status Update: 6/11/23

Now that summer is here, Vito is hitting the trails and the lake with his raiser for some summer fun





Training Status Update: 2/24/23

Vito is socializing more and more and learning all sorts of new things. Getting exporsure to new things is always fun.






Training Status Update: 2/20/23

Puppy in training, Vito, went on his first overnight trip to Sonora with his puppy raiser where he was introduced to snow for the first time.





Training Status Update: 2/4/23

Vito is being socialized more and more places. He recently rode BART for the first time, and attended a group outing to Target with the puppy raising group.




Training Status Update: 1/18/23

Now that #NICST puppy-in-training, Vito, is fully vaccinated, he is ready to take on the world! Vito had his first outing to the Vacaville Nut Tree Plaza where he was socialized to metal grates, different surfaces, and kids. Go Vito!



Training Status Update: 10/27/22

Welcome Vito




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