Top 5 Reasons to Empower individuals with Type 1 Diabetes To Live Beyond Their Disease

Every day we’re amazed by how our life-saving partnerships are thriving in the world and in the face of Type 1 Diabetes.

With our dogs alerting by their sides, clients are living full and active lives, breaking down stereotypes about diabetics and living beyond the limitations imposed by the disease.

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5 Reasons To Empower Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes and Support Dogs4Diabetics:

  1. Our Dogs4Diabetics clients are just as inspiring and amazing as our dogs! They are thriving in their communities, managing their 24/7 disease, and fearlessly pursuing full and active lives with their life-saving partners by their side.
  2. This year’s giving campaign is inspired by all of our life-saving partnerships. Who together are breaking down stereotypes and living beyond diabetes. We are so inspired by their stories!
  3. Your donations help create life-saving teams like Brittany and Izumi (pictured right), who are thriving in the face of T1D. “I’ve always been an active and adventurous type of person. And I don’t live in fear anymore. It was Izumi and Dogs4Diabetics that helped me smash that barrier down to pieces.” – Brit and Izumi
  4. This holiday season, you have the opportunity to TRIPLE the impact of your donation to D4D! Two generous anonymous donors have each pledged $25,000 to match every gift dollar-for-dollar made before January 7th. So when you make a donation of $25, D4D will receive $75 to support our mission! Please get involved and help us raise $100,000 together as a community.
  5. Make a donation of $25 or more and receive a limited edition T-shirt as our little way of saying thanks. Lastly, follow and share our efforts #D4DLivingBeyond. Learn more and donate today:

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