Dogs4Diabetics NEW Volunteer & Orientation Training Program

Volunteer Orientation and Training Program

We are so excited to share we have a new “Volunteer Orientation and Training Program” for all of our awesome training room volunteers… this special initiative has been a labor of love for Trainer Hayley Sevilla, who has developed this new program.

The goal of this program is to uniformly educate and train our training room volunteers in all the skills needed to fill a volunteer role crucial to training and partnering our life-saving dogs with those that turn to D4D for support.

Volunteer Orientation and Training Program

The “Volunteer Orientation and Training Program” takes current and new training room volunteers through an overview of how scent works, how dogs smell, and how our dogs at Dogs4Diabetics utilize their noses.

Dogs4Diabetics Volunteer Orientation and Training Program

We’ve identified three training room volunteer roles and created a training program to teach all incoming training room volunteers the skills they need to fulfill those roles.

All new training room volunteers will be starting as an assistant; to be able to assist a trainer in the scent training room, see the dogs work through different phases of training, and get some dog time with our life-saving furry friends.

Once a volunteer has gained experience and knowledge of the program. They have the option of training to be a Dog Groomer, and/or a Dog Walker, or even one of our “Special Skills Volunteer Trainers”.

We love, appreciate, and value our volunteers.

This program is meant to invest the time, energy, and resources into our training room volunteers. So, they truly become members of our team, and a way for them to see first hand how their time and effort helps create our powerful partnerships.

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