D4D Client Training

D4D has placed over 170 teams, and we’ve seen that our program works best when the client is proactively managing their diabetes and insulin-therapy. Self-awareness is key. The dedicated staff and volunteers at D4D help clients build partnerships with dogs, who are a valuable tool in managing their disease. These partnerships provide:

  • Our clients with increased self-awareness about their diabetes
  • Our clients with improved overall & long-term health

Self-Awareness is Key

While our Medical-Alert Service Dogs are a valuable tool in helping you manage your diabetes, we want our clients to be inspired to transform their lives and take charge of their disease. Our curriculum fosters their self-awareness. We ask clients to keep detailed daily logs to track their blood sugar, diet, and exercise and to take the whole picture into account as they learn to manage their diabetes with the support of our dogs.

Our Clients’ Happiness & Health

Our training empowers our clients to transform their lives in community. In a close-knit group of 8-10, we teach clients about their rights and responsibilities as handlers of Medical-Alert Service Dogs and prepare them for day-to-day life with their dogs. We know that well-prepared clients will have the knowledge and peace of mind to thrive happily as they manage their diabetes. During our comprehensive client training, our experienced trainers take clients into public places and onto transit to teach them how to handle the dogs and practice obedience in real-world situations. In this supportive community, clients receive hands-on guidance to gain the confidence they need to maintain their life-saving partnerships.

Our clients are transformed in their partnerships with their dogs. As they exercise and care for their dog according to how we teach them, clients improve their lifestyles and greatly impact their health. And the bonds that are created in our life-saving teams provide a love and companionship beyond words! Our clients also receive continued support with our free community programs . Unlike many organizations, D4D provides exceptional support after you’ve been placed with a dog. Because your needs will change and issues may arise, D4D is here to help. We have always recognized the power of our community to make changes and save lives.